Designer - Food Stylist - ENFP

Foodie - DIYer - ISTP

Photographer - Crafter - INFJ

Bree, Julia, and Sarah are just three sisters who love to do hands on stuff. Whether it involves fabric or yarn, pens and paper, hammer and nails, flour and sugar, they often run to Pinterest for inspiration (and a few laughs). A little idea bubble burst one day -- why not blog the Pinterest triumphs and fails?

 Pin it. Make it. was born that day.

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  1. Wow, I love the idea of blogging your Pinterest creations! (And I hope this blog wasn't supposed to be private or anything, because I'm definitely stalking it! :P) You may eventually get tired of all my comments (if you aren't already), so feel free to let me know when I've overdone it. xD (Oh, and BTW, Sarah, I'm an INFJ too.)
    ~Emily <3


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